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Dineen_signVines in the Dineen Vineyard get the hands on treatment. From planting to harvest the work is done by hand. Grapes are treated gently on the way to O·S Winery. This dedication to handwork prevents disease and eases training of the plants.

Owner, Pat Dineen, and his vineyard managers Matt and Patrick Rawn keep vineyard yields low, 2-3 tons per acre, through careful growth management. Low vigor soils, water control, aggressive pruning and shoot thinning make Dineen a premium grape producer for O·S reds and Riesling.

You'll find the Dineen Vineyard just north of Zillah in the Yakima Valley AVA. It's a special hill-top place with gentle slopes and spectacular views of the Valley, Mt. Adams, and Mt. Rainier. Dineen Vineyard covers 92 acres with 65 planted.Dineen_path

Pat and Lanie Dineen began the vineyard in 2001 after Pat retired from a 40 year banking career. He chose the site after considering properties in California and Walla Walla. We certainly glad he did. Dineen grapes have wonderful qualities allowing Owen to vint the beautiful blends in the O·S reds. Much of O·S Riesling comes from Dineen fruit.

Blocks of the vineyard are segregated by grape varieties and named for members of Pat and Lanie's family. O·S Riesling comes from Quinn's Block named for their grandson. You can learn more about Dineen Vineyard from their website, http://dineenvineyards.com.

os_logo_dot The Elephant Mountain Vineyard

elephant_tableA singular site, rocky vine loving soils, and inspired vineyard management yield grapes capable of producing distinctive wines of unsurpassed quality.

Elephant Mountain Vineyard covers 120 acres at a unique south facing site high on the Rattlesnake Ridge in the Yakima Valley. Dry land shrub steppes surround its south facing slopes at elevations up to 1500 feet.

A deep well provides Elephant Mountain with the drip irrigation its sandy loam craves. A gravelly, calcareous sub- surface lies 2 feet down.

Elephant Mountain's special microclimate produces perfect conditions for growing and maturing wine grapes. While winter 2011-2012 caused some devastating freezes throughout many Washington appellations, Elephant Mountain vines escaped and thrived. Vineyard owner Joe Hattrup calls the rocky slopes a beneficial heat sink. He points to the resulting maximum accumulation of heat units, low humidity, little frost and mildew resulting in reduced heat stress on Elephant Mountain's foliage and fruit. It means an extended hang time and ideal fruit maturation.


Joe Hattrup brings his experience, knowledge and years of fruit growing insight to the management of this great vineyard. Elephant Mountain Vineyard plantings include four Cabernet Sauvignon clones, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Syrah and fourteen other varietals. Planning started in 1998. The vineyard has become one of OS Winery's most important growers.

The result:

Great Elephant Mountain grapes+ O-S Winemaker, Owen = Wines with structure, finesse, complexity and depth with flavor and character unique to this terroir

You can enjoy these opulent luscious wines from O-S and Elephant Mountain


O-S 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon
Intense, dark ruby/purple in the glass, this latest O·S bottling has vibrant aromas of blackberries, cassis, minerals and forest. The texture develops from a round, soft attack to a more chewy mid-palate and to a powerfully structured finish with rich full tannins. There are flavors of crushed black fruits with a touch of toasty oak, and a deliciously savory finish.


O-S 2009 Merlot "The Tusk"
Deep, purple-black color with meaty, graphite, black plum aromas this wine has a dense, chewy texture, , seriously dark flavors and rich, soft tannins on the finish. Here is Merlot with an alluring bouquet and a dynamic, complex palate.

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